Monday, January 26, 2015

Fishing with the fam


Sup yall, sorry it has been a while. Here is a pic of a double. Smaller fish is 5 lbs and the larger one is a lake record of 14 lbs if I remember correctly caught by a toddler. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Make your fish look bigger

This is how you make your fish look bigger, just stick the fish right in front of the camera

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Forever a Carp Fisherman

Some pics of some recent sessions:

A 20 lb grass carp

A 19 lb grass carp. Thanks to the other fisherman helping me out if they're reading this!

One of the smallest grass carp's I've ever caught. Only 15 lbs.

I regret having some random kid take this picture for me, since a few days later I had to tell him and his whole family off. I mean, come on they crossed the line when I couldn't even cast, and they grabbed my fly fishing rod and line to see what I was using.

100 degree weather, I had to!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


WTH, This time the carp got their revenge and I felt what it's like to have a hook in me. The real question is, how the hell did it end up looking exactly like the circle hooks I use?

I watched this Blue Heron walk and stalk some minnows, then stab one to eat; but they still have a pathetic squawk.

Ammo: White bread, net, and my fly rod

Stalking a mirror carp with my camera

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

2000 carp in 15 weeks

Obviously didn't take a picture of every fish so far in this little journey, but the average size is around 4 lbs

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lake Hopping: Carp fishing

Just been Lake hopping lately with some great results catching lots of carp once again. The bite has been slowing down lately, which could be from tons of reasons, but regardless I have to work a lot harder to find feeding fish. Honestly though, the biggest problem I usually face is I usually always see a few people that have also seen me catch carp, so the pattern usually goes like this: I stalk the carp, people stalk me, I get harassed, I scare them off, and end up scaring the carp away.

I know this pattern is a little distasteful, but for example today, a few kids found me fishing, and then brought their whole entire family, crowded around me so close in my personal space, that I couldn't even cast without asking them "excuse me". On top of that, one of them grabbed my fly rod to see what kind of mechanism I was using. After that I stopped fishing because I didn't want them to copy how I catch carp. There are so many families of people that have copied me throughout this summer, and my tactics branch off from person to person. Anyways, one of them asked me why I wasn't fishing. So that's when I snapped, yelled at them and they left me alone. So yea, this happens on the daily! I'm not alone though, some of my buyers and people I have guided have also been harassed and followed by families; which is funny though because they end up doing what I do, yelling at them and scaring them off.

I got to tell another story from one of my friends. Well he caught one of his first carp ever and this older asian lady was behind him watching, and when he first landed it, he got all the carp slime that comes with it. He has never got a decent pic of him and a carp yet, so he asked the lady to reach into his pocket to grab his "cell phone". Well, when she reached into his pocket, keep in mind he doesn't even know this lady, she took a very long time looking for the phone. She found something in his pocket and pulled it out. It was a slice of bread. She was shocked, and asked why he was carrying a sandwich in his pocket! He then told her that it wasn't a sandwich, it was bait. So she reached down his pocket again and finally got his cell phone, and finally managed to snap a great picture of him and his first carp. I'm laughing just typing this message up because this occurrence is just absurd.

One of my buyers wants to do big things, like make a Carp fishing group/website where we post our Personal Bests and what not, maybe even make a fishing show; he says he knows lots of people, so we'll start from there I guess. If anybody is interested in joining, let me know.

I've ran out of premium artificial bread, and just have been using actual bread. Anyways here are some pics:

Ending this post with a little collage of a few people I've guided, buyers, and friends. Rigs/guiding are still on sale so message me if you're interested!